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Help employees get the most out of their benefits

Your rewards and benefits form a pivotal part of your EVP (employee value proposition). They are an essential element in attracting and retaining the best talent, increasing productivity and, importantly, supporting your people’s well-being. But, these programmes only work for you if your workforce knows about and uses them to their fullest potential.

Maximising employee engagement with your benefits is an integral step to helping your people understand and value the solutions you provide. Having a well-structured strategy in place to maximise engagement ensures your employees recognise your investment in benefits as an investment in them.

Our employee benefits engagement and communications specialists take these principles as our starting point. We then engage with your people and bring your benefits to life, creating messages and communications strategies designed to promote action, encouraging every member to improve their outcomes.

The 4 factors of employee benefits engagement success

In our latest guide we share the 4 factors that are crucial for employee benefits engagement success and how data can help you pinpoint moments in your people’s working lives where they most need your support.

The 4 factors of employee benefits engagement success

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Helping people make informed decisions

We’ll help you design and implement a carefully considered engagement strategy. Our engagement services are built around helping your people make informed decisions and achieving good member outcomes. By helping your people understand the benefits you provide, you equip employees to make decisions about their present and their future — and your benefits can truly support them.

Strategies unique to your business and your people

Together, we listen, we plan and we develop an engagement strategy that is unique to your business and your people. After implementing the methods that make sense for your unique organisation, we work with you to review the success of your project. Ultimately, we strive to continuously improve your engagement and benefits strategy to deliver on short- and long-term goals.

Transform the way your people engage with their employee benefits by providing easy-to-use strategies, systems and technology. Our specialist’s knowledge, skills and attitude come together so you can achieve outstanding results. We get to know you, understand what you want to achieve, how you’d like to achieve it and make it work with your budget and your company culture.

Methods of engagement


Achieving good member outcomes depends on communication driving actions and we all need a gentle reminder at times. Nudges enable you to provide crucial reminders to your people and pension scheme members, on an individual level, at the right time.

Each is focused on one of the three areas where members have important decisions to make and which will directly affect their retirement outcomes:

  • Contribution levels
  • Investment
  • Retirement choices

Methods of engagement

Employee benefits platform

Transform the way your people engage with their employee benefits by providing easy-to-use technology, accessible anytime, anywhere, any place. 

  • Elevate engagement with your employee benefits
  • Simplify total reward
  • Personalise your employee experience
  • Reduce your benefits administration
  • Real-time data insights

Helping F5 employees get re-engaged with their employee benefits and rewards

Case study

See how we helped F5 get people re-engaged with their employee benefits and rewards before they launched a new employee benefits platform.