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Maximising engagement with your rewards and benefits

Your rewards and benefits form a pivotal part of your employee value proposition (EVP). They are an essential element in attracting and retaining the best talent, increasing productivity, and importantly supporting your people with their wellbeing.

Having a well-structured strategy in place to maximise engagement, ensures the investment you’re making in your benefits is recognised by your people as an investment in them. Our engagement services are built around helping your people make informed decisions so your benefits really support them.

Helping your people understand the benefits you provide

Our employee engagement services are built around achieving good member outcomes and helping your people understand the benefits you provide. We take these principles as our starting point, and then use the skills and expertise of our design and communications teams to bring them to life.

Using our specialist knowledge, skills and attitude we achieve outstanding results; creating messages designed to promote actions to encourage each and every member to take decisions to improve their outcomes.



Achieving good member outcomes depends on communication driving actions and we all need a gentle reminder at times. Nudges enable you to provide crucial reminders to your people and pension scheme members, on an individual level, at the right time.

Each is focused on one of the three areas where members have important decisions to make and which will directly affect their retirement outcomes:

  • Contribution levels
  • Investment
  • Retirement choices

Methods of engagement

Employee benefits platform

Transform the way your people engage with their employee benefits by providing easy-to-use technology, accessible anytime, anywhere, any place. 

  • Elevate engagement with your employee benefits
  • Simplify total reward
  • Personalise your employee experience
  • Reduce your benefits administration
  • Real-time data insights


In print

Clear, concise communication material designed by our dedicated and experienced in-house team to reflect your brand can be a helpful tool for your business, in the absence of internal capabilities.

  • Scheme handbooks
  • Educational guides
  • Internal promotions


In person

In our experience face to face communication is the most powerful way to engage your employees.

When we meet with them we obtain feedback, enabling us to understand the effectiveness of the sessions we deliver and support you in identifying strong return on investment.

  • Group seminars
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Telephone meetings

6 simple steps to get you started with your engagement strategy


1. Build a brand for your employee benefits

Creating your own internal brand for your employee benefits will help your employees become accustomed to seeing benefits communications and feel like they’re part of a stronger workplace community.

Your company culture is unique and your benefits brand should positively embrace and represent this.

2. Identify which methods of communication will work best

Before you select your channels to push out your content, it’s worth looking at previous communication exercises to see which methods work best for your people.

Every workforce is different, so you need a solution bespoke to your people and your business.

3. Leverage your data to make your message personal

There’s an array of data in your HR systems that you can use as trigger points to nudge people towards your employee benefits programme.

When designing your strategy, it’s worth looking at the various demographics within your workforce. Think about how you can use this data to build personalised communications and make what you share relevant and personal to those who need it when it matters the most.

4. Make your benefits simple to access

Your benefits need to be accessible 24 hours a day. There’s little point in putting all the information on your intranet if it can’t be accessed outside of the office.

With the popularity of smartphones, it’s also worth considering how you can utilise mobile technology to enhance your strategy, whether this be on a mobile friendly benefits hub or an online benefits platform.

5. Train your benefits champions

Training your management team and other key stakeholders on your benefits policies and where to find them is a great way to embed the value of your benefits throughout your organisation.

It’s crucial that, as the messengers of your benefits, you engage and train them about all your employee benefits and ensure the messages they relay to your people are succinct.

6. Use technology to deliver your messages

Consider drawing data from your HR, payroll and pension administration systems to identify key moments in each person’s working life-cycle.

You can then leverage technology to push your communications out, nudging individuals towards benefits that will be personal, relevant and timely to them.

Johnson Fleming provided excellent service to the highest standard from the outset; their communication programme really helped us to improve our member outcomes

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