Benefits platform

More than just an employee benefits hub

AllMyBenefits is the only solution you need to deliver a personalised employee benefits experience for all your people, whilst removing the day-to-day burden of employee benefits management and risk.

employee benefits management consultant

The day-to-day running of all your employee benefits

Combining the expertise of our Employee Benefits Customer Service team and the power of AllMyBenefits, we allow your business to outsource the day-to-day administration of your employee benefits.

We’ll handle everything, from employee queries to claims, all the way through to supporting you at your next benefits renewal. All we need is one monthly data upload from your HR team and we'll do the rest.

The management of your auto-enrolment duties

Combining world-class customer service with AllMyBenefits, you can outsource the running of your UK workplace pension with the confidence that your regulatory tasks will be delivered accurately and on time, every time.

And, of course with AllMyBenefits, our customer service team will be on hand to answer all your people's queries throughout the year.

personalised employee benefits communications

Your automated employee benefits engagement machine

Combining data and powerful algorithms, AllMyBenefits identifies key data triggers in your people’s working lives and then sends out tailored Nudge messages, creating a personalised communications strategy for each of your people.

Think of AllMyBenefits as your very own employee benefits engagement machine, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

employee benefits hub

A hub for all your employee benefits

The mobile friendly employee benefits hub, designed with your benefits brand in mind, is the perfect home for your workplace pension and all your employee benefits.

Written in plain English, the hub provides easy-to-understand information about your employee benefits, focusing on why and how your benefits can support your people’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing… and ensuring they make more informed decisions about the great benefits you offer.