Maximising engagement with your rewards and benefits

Employee benefits should be quick, simple and easy. Whether it’s quick implementation, simple administration or easy reporting for HR professionals. Or, quick to access, simple benefits selection and easy to understand information for your employees.

With our employee benefits platform you’ll have the foundations to maximise engagement with your rewards and benefits, deliver unparalleled employee experiences for your people, strengthen your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and gain full insight into the outcomes of your programme.

Benefits personalised to your people

Nothing feels less personal as an employee than receiving a generic email that has been sent to everyone in your organisation. Luckily, the way in which our benefit communications work enable clients to engage with their employees in a far more effective way. With our employee benefits platform you can send out highly personalised and targeted communications to specific sections of your workforce at exactly the right time. Combined with more tangible, outcome focused management information, you can start to become a lot more focused in meeting your corporate objectives.

Elevate engagement with your benefits

With completely personalised benefit information, downloadable documentation and easily accessible external links and videos, your employees are now more empowered than ever to make considered, informed benefit selections that work for them.


Simplify total reward

Educate and inform your employees of the true value you place on them with innovative total reward communications. The platform provides your people with all they need to know about the total value of their employment, not just their individual rewards.

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Personalise your employee experience

Deliver an employee experience that is unique to your organisation and people. Easily customise the look, feel and content on your platform and seamlessly integrate your benefits with your brand.

Reduce your employee benefits administration

Managing your benefits has never been easier. From benefit selections to automated provider and payroll reporting, benefit management has become seamless, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your people.

Real-time data insights

Accessing information about the performance of your benefit schemes has never been easier. With our data insight dashboards you’ll have all the information you need, to ensure your schemes are running smoothly and delivering value for your business and importantly your people.