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Employee Benefits Engagement


Forward thinking employers recognise that investing the time to establish, promote and drive a financial wellbeing programme within their organisation, can benefit both their people and their business. With the right strategy you’ll be able to improve the overall wellness of your workforce; demonstrating a duty of care whilst also boosting business performance.

We’re here to help your organisation implement a long-term financial wellbeing strategy that raises your peoples’ financial capability, offers accessible solutions and adds real value to your business.

An investment in your business

Financial wellbeing can lead to more engaged employees and consequently higher levels of performance, transforming your organisation into an employer of choice. It’s also a great way to:

  • Raise staff morale
  • Improve performance
  • Improve retention levels

An investment in your people

The benefits can include improving their money management skills, enabling them to make more informed decisions around their finances whilst giving them access to better value products.

  • Improve money management
  • Reduce financial anxiety
  • Reduce stress

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Looking to introduce financial wellbeing in to your workplace?

Helping your organisation develop, implement and promote your financial wellbeing strategy

To support your organisation develop, deliver and embed a financial wellbeing programme into your workplace, our team of experts have developed a strategy centered around 3 pillars; strategy, education and outcomes.

With this approach, we’ll help your employees manage their short and long term finances, with the aim of helping them make better financial decisions.

1. Strategy

We understand that as an organisation, you’re unique and so are your people. The financial issues and needs of your people vary according to a number of factors, such as; their demographic, type of work, remuneration levels and location.

We’ll help build a framework for your employees to access the appropriate level of help, as and when they need it.

2. Education

The foundation of our approach centres around two core modules that provide a foundation to drive change. We then develop a range of sessions using topics from our optional modules to address specific stress points.

We then use a range of delivery techniques to ensure everyone in you organisation can get engaged with your financial wellbeing programme, as and when they need it.

3. Outcomes

Where possible, our strategy will be designed with your employee benefits programme in mind to provide a solution specific to a financial stress point. With a trusted solution, it will make it more likely your people will act to improve their financial wellbeing.

Should we highlight any areas where your employee benefits programme doesn’t offer a tangible solution or product, we’re able to review and propose a number of provider solutions that you may wish to consider.

19% of people are losing sleep at night because they are worried about money

The CIPD’s Financial Well-being survey: The employee view (2017)

60% of employees feel that financial pressure makes an overall change to their lives

Neyber - The DNA of Financial Wellbeing 2018

8% of the UK workforce admit to taking time off work because of financial stress

Neyber (2016)

Our approach to financial wellbeing in the workplace

Financial Wellbeing is important because it affects everyone, everyday. In this guide we will outline our approach to financial wellbeing and how it can help your employees make better financial decisions.


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