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Why data should be central to your employee benefits strategy in 2022

Today, more than ever, employers are using data to improve their employees’ benefits experience through personalisation. 

2021 Autumn Budget & Spending Review

We have pulled together a summary of the key policy announcements that were made this afternoon in the 2021 Autumn Budget & Spending Review.

Reviewing your Employee Benefits: Why Preparation Is Key

Whether your employee benefit renewals all fall at the same time, or are distributed throughout the year, being prepared well ahead of time will give you the opportunity to maximise your benefits offering with the resources that your business has available.


Financial Wellbeing: Why It Matters Now

Whilst most employers may have already implemented a traditional mental and physical wellbeing strategy, a recent CIPD survey found that only half of employers have an effective financial wellbeing strategy in place. With the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought, HR teams need to prioritise creating their own financial wellbeing framework for the health of their workforce.

Helping you answer those common questions about PMI

Many questions can arise from PMI, and employers may not be sure how to answer them. Working with the right partner can help you answer those common questions about PMI and help you discover the true value of a policy. With added context, you can assess the benefits it can have not only your people but also for your business.

Johnson Fleming and NFP win Mentor Team of the Year Award for local Envision project

The Envision Community-Apprentice Programme is designed to build young people’s confidence, communication, and collaboration skills as well as preparing them for the challenges of the world of work, making them more employable...

Finding a different way to engage your people with their employee benefits in 2021

COVID-19 changed our lives in many ways, with many of the services we were used to accessing becoming unavailable due to lockdown measures across the UK...

Employee wellbeing is one of the biggest issues facing businesses in 2021

Before anybody had even heard of ‘COVID-19’, the thought of home working may have been music to the ears of many, but as the months tick-by the pressure on our physical, mental and financial wellbeing will surely be getting greater. It’s these pressures that make wellbeing the big issue for HR teams and businesses in 2021...

What information should you provide about your pension scheme’s approach to responsible investment?

Ethical and responsible investment within pension funds has gained momentum in recent years with scheme members looking to understand more about where their pension is being invested...