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A summary of the Spring Budget 2023

A summary of the Spring Budget 2023

Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, delivered today’s budget with the primary objective of demonstrating grip and momentum.


Supporting your people to manage post-Christmas debt

According to debt charity StepChange, money borrowed to finance Christmas could take years to repay.  Worries about debt led to a surge in enquiries to the charity as soon as the festive season was over.

Retirement planning – helping your people to plan for a life after work

It may seem counter-intuitive to offer your people support to plan for their exit from your business, but really, it is anything but. Offering retirement planning support can help your business recruit and retain talent, and gain an edge over your competitors.

Employee benefits engagement is crucial during a recession

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, I’m increasingly being asked by my clients and colleagues about the best ways to get people engaged with their benefits, to really ensure they’re getting the most value from them. And, just as crucially, how supporting people to engage with their benefits helps to improve your employee value proposition in today’s tough landscape.

Supporting your people is crucial to surviving the recession

When we think about what really drives a business forward, it’s not the lifeless elements. These things are important, but it’s the human aspects, the intellectual capital within an organisation, that will make the difference to how well your organisation weathers financial turbulence.

Are your people opting-out of their company pension?

In these troubling times, it isn’t surprising that for some, workplace pension contributions are considered discretionary, and they are making the choice to opt-out.

From Growth to Go Slow – Austerity 2.0

Despite promises of eye-watering tax increases and public sector cuts, the Chancellor's Autumn Statement feels more like a pivot to stability and reassurance, with a hint of a potential kick down the road.

Innovative solutions you should consider for your 2023 employee benefits review

In recent years we have seen many changes that widen the support around important employee lifecycle events, from shared parental leave to additional support around miscarriages.

Five ways to support your younger employees through the cost of living crisis

Here are a five top tips for supporting the younger people in your workforce, and ensure that they remain productive in today’s tough financial environment.