What does this service include?

1. Pension scheme

This service includes a Group Personal Pension supplied by one of the UK’s leading pension providers.

2. Everything set up for you

For newly established businesses

  • Initial upload of your employee data                 
  • Project management                    
  • Certification with The Pensions Regulator                      

Where existing arrangements exist

  • All transitional data work  
  • Upload of your employee data
  • Project management

3. Each month we will

  • Upload your pay data / earnings report            
  • Validate your data             
  • Run assessment / check results               
  • Amend any results / anomalies               
  • Issue personalised and branded statutory communications             
  • Process all opt-ins / opt-outs                    
  • Upload any changes to membership                 
  • Run / produce contribution schedule                
  • Produce new joiner report and send to your pension provider                    
  • Rectify any queries with your pension provider                       
  • Liaise with The Pensions Regulator about any ongoing enquiries                 
  • Keep a full audit history of your records            
  • Continually audit your data / the system / your communications                
  • Carry out re-certification checks


Initial set-up

Up to 100 employees = £1,500

Ongoing administration (per month)

Ongoing administration = £125*

* All fees exclude VAT and are payable via direct debit

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