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Financial Wellbeing: An investment in your people and your business

Financial wellbeing is important because it affects everyone, every day. For those struggling to cope with day to day finances, looking at how to manage debt or planning for retirement in an ever-changing landscape, the stress and anxiety these events place on individuals certainly has an impact on their health and wellbeing.

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To flex or not to flex with your benefits

If your business goal is to let your people pick and choose their own range of benefits online, then you’re thinking about flexible benefits.

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3 steps to kick start your financial wellbeing strategy

In the current climate we are now more likely to be borrowers than savers. We spend more, borrow more and save less. This macro trend is not just affecting the young or low paid. It is now stretching across the whole population.

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How to prepare employees for the 2019 pension auto-enrolment increase – a checklist

As we enter the final quarter of the financial year, UK employers are preparing for the next set of auto-enrolment increases, which bring a new set of pressures for both businesses and individuals.  

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