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Johnson Fleming Future Life Planning further helps you support your employees by educating and engaging with them individually, helping them to understand the need to save for retirement.

"At Johnson Fleming Future Life Planning we love helping our clients and their families to live the life they want, confident that they have enough money to do this, whatever happens."

Simon Thorpe
Head of Future Life Planning

Simon Thorpe

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We aim to deliver the best financial education to your employees, from joining through to retirement. Supporting your employees on their work life journey plays a key part in our recruit, reward and retain philosophy.

We’re proud of our individual retirement planning advice. We do not view it as a one-off exercise; it is an ongoing process with the goal of achieving good member outcomes.

For your business

For individuals

Our retirement specialists will spend time with you to understand your situation and future aspirations. Combining customer service and state of the art technology, we will help you answer the questions you have about your future and help you feel secure in the decisions you make to meet your goals.

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Michelle Baylis-Edkins
Future Life Planning Manager

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If you have any questions about the individual retirement planning services we offer, please get in touch with our experts.