The RewardHub

The Reward Hub is our flexible benefits platform; the perfect home for your entire reward and benefits scheme. Providing your employees with more choice, it enables your people to tailor their benefits package to suit their lifestyle and needs.

The RewardHub takes care of everything from your employee data to the benefits themselves, plus all the communications and reporting in between.

Increase employee engagement

The methods you use to communicate your benefits are an investment – as an organisation you’re investing in your employees.

Cost savings

To ensure the message is relevant and understood, we segment your workforce, communicating directly to specific groups is a powerful tool.

Harmonise your benefits

With increased employee benefit take-up your business will achieve better ROI through improved recruitment, retention and tax and National Insurance savings.


Improved core benefits can result in a scheme that’s constantly evolving and places you ahead of your competitors.

Engaging, intuitive and simple to access

It is a powerful, secure and highly configurable portal, developed with employee experience in mind, making your online benefits engaging, intuitive and simple to access – anywhere, any time and on any device.

In today’s digital world having the right solution can encourage your employees to interact more frequently with their benefits.

Maximise your engagement levels

We can help you to understand, influence and measure the engagement of your workers.

Gain insight into your scheme’s performance through dashboards that provide you with real-time information on enrolment activity, benefit take-up and your top performing benefits.


Not only is RewardHub a powerful tool, with an infrastructure that can meet the demands of the world’s largest employers, but it’s also secure. 


Once everything is up and running, our insight dashboards give you real-time reports and data to measure and adjust your unique offering.


Our security arrangements have been vetted by the Central Government, tested and approved by each of our clients and partners.

Let us tell you more about The RewardHub

We would love to tell you more about The RewardHub and show you how it works, get in touch here to book a demo and find out more.