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Workplace financial wellbeing

Supporting your people’s financial wellbeing in 2022

While we’re starting to feel a sense of normality returning, for many individuals low financial resilience will mean the financial impact of the pandemic is likely to have a detrimental impact for the longer-term. Supporting your people to become more financially stable and secure in 2022 demonstrates your commitment to their health and wellbeing and could increase morale and boost productivity.

of people in the UK deferred repayments on their mortgage

UK Finance

people in the UK find it hard to pay bills or loan repayments

The Financial Conduct Authority

said their financial security had worsened

The Financial Conduct Authority

of people wish they had saved more before the pandemic 

Nationwide Building Society

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Download our essential guide to the five key ways you can support your people’s financial wellbeing

In this guide we’ve highlighted 5 areas that can support your people with their financial wellbeing in 2022 and beyond. In each section we explore why the topic is important for your people and share our expert advice and tips.

  1. Managing debt
  2. The importance of protection
  3. Building financial resilience
  4. Saving for the long-term
  5. Preparing for retirement


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Why your people’s financial wellbeing should be a top priority in 2022

Financial wellbeing isn’t just about how much money you have, but also about how secure and confident you feel about your finances. Money worries can affect anyone at any time, from struggling to manage debt, planning for retirement or simply problems with day to day budgeting.

Now, more than ever, your people could be bringing those financial worries to work with them, impacting their productivity and overall wellbeing. A recent CIPD/YouGov survey reported that 32% of employees are financially worse off since the start of the pandemic, and 36% said their mental health had deteriorated. These are worrying figures, but employers are in a unique position to provide guidance and support to improve financial outcomes, and in turn mental health, for their people.

* CIPD/YouGov COVID Working Lives survey