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Financial education sessions

The core of the strategy was seven topics of financial education, delivered via 17 interactive webinars:

  1. Managing day to day finances
  2. Property – First time buyers
  3. Property – Minimising costs and mortgages
  4. Savings and investments
  5. Understanding your workplace pension
  6. Preparing for retirement
  7. Tax planning for higher earners

Employee engagement communications

To maximise engagement we crafted an email communication strategy, and a bespoke financial wellbeing hub was launched to invite them to the sessions. Emails were targeted to only invite people to sessions which were relevant to them, for example tax sessions for higher earners and retirement sessions for those over 47.

Full data management

 Our software captured registrations, attendees, session ratings and also answers to a series of feedback questions after each session, so we were able to provide a full set of results, and make recommendations for further enhancements to the programme.

The results

  • 77% said they were highly likely to take action following the session(s) they attended
  • 75% wanted further support after the session(s) they attended
  • 27% wanted more information about their workplace pension
  • 19% of the workforce registered for property-related sessions
  • 43% of people earning over £98,000 per annum wanted to know more about the tax implications on their investments