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Individual Transfers

What does it cost?

There is no upfront fee, but if you then choose to consolidate your pension then a one off fee of 0.75% of the fund value will be payable on transfer. In most instances this can be deducted from the fund, so there is no payment needed from you.

Individual Transfers

The Process

We aim to complete this process as quickly and efficiently as possible and in many cases the process can be competed in 2-3 weeks. However his will be dependent on the type of pension plan you are looking to consolidate and the service standard of your current provider. This means in some cases the process may take as long as three months. We will always aim to keep you up to date with our progress.

Read through the documents below to understand the key considerations when making the decision to consolidate, the important risk warnings, and what we do with your data.

Print and return a pension assessment form by post or email to

Download the form

We will then request your policy information from your pension provider.

Once the information is received from your provider we will compare the charges and check there are no penalties or guarantees under your plan.

We will then write to highlighting the considerations you need to be aware of to make an informed decision whether consolidations is right for you. 

Should you choose to go ahead simply complete the paperwork we will enclose with our comparison and return it to us. We will organise the transfer and confirm to you once this is complete.