Workplace pension administration

The introduction of workplace pensions has brought many new administration and record keeping requirements which impact on many specialist stakeholders within your company; HR, finance, payroll and pensions.

We understand your business has many demands on your time but automatic enrolment doesn't need to be one of them.



Whether you have 20,000 employees or 2 employees, we have a fully outsourced workplace pension service that's right for your business, providing everything you need to remain fully compliant.



Frustrated with your current workplace pension service provider?

You may be finding the service provided by your chosen workplace pension supplier has not lived up to your expectations and auto-enrolment is taking you more time than initially anticipated. 

New company setting a workplace pension for the first time?

Outsourcing your workplace duties is a great way to realign your internal resource so you can focus on your core business activities. It’s also a great way to reduce the risks and resource issues surrounding workplace pension administration.

Seamless integration with your business processes

"Our fully outsourced workplace pension service provides complete management of your pension scheme and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your internal processes.

We become a partner to your pensions / HR team, giving you the confidence that all tasks will be delivered accurately and on time."

David Roderick
Development Director


If you're frustrated with your current workplace pension process or even your insurance provider, then we'd love to chat.

Workplace pension enquiry


What can you expect to receive from our auto-enrolment administration service?

  • Integration of historic data so all records sit in one place providing a clear audit record
  • Comprehensive validation of both initial and ongoing employee data
  • Support resolution of employee and employer queries
  • Undertake assessment and categorisation of workforce on an ongoing basis
  • Issue mandatory auto-enrolment communications in your company brand identity
  • Process electronically advised opt-outs via the administration system and liaise with product provider to manage refunds to client accordingly
  • Manage the product provider relationship and upload of records
  • Reconcile contribution schedule against clients payroll report and record all schedule changes
  • Provide necessary certification as required and act as liaison with The Pensions Regulator
  • Full audit history of all transactions and communications issued

Removing the stresses associated with managing workplace pensions

“Johnson Fleming’s Managed service has completely removed the burden from our internal team, allowing us to provide a great workplace pension for our employees, whilst managing all the legal auto-enrolment responsibilities for us and significantly reducing our workload.

The recommendation report identified an excellent scheme for our employees to be auto-enrolled into, whilst the administration team at Johnson Fleming literally do everything else we need. All we have to do is provide our data each month and they manage the entire project for us. It's the perfect solution for a busy company such as ours and we highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a solution that works and removes the stresses associated with managing auto-enrolment internally.”

Reynolds & Reynolds