The RewardHub: Online benefits platform

The world of work is changing; people are becoming consumers of the workplace. Employees expect their experience at work to match, or better, the best customer experience.

The RewardHub is designed with the employee in mind; it's intuitive, yet powerful. Familiar, yet compelling. It turns the everyday in to the exceptional. Extraordinary employee experiences are what really drive engagement, every day.


Reach everyone across your organisation, whether they work remotely, at home, in the office, or on the shop floor.


Simple and easy benefits administration, so you can focus on your people

The RewardHub is a revolution in how benefits are managed and administered. With tools to automate and streamline your entire process, from onboarding and enrolment, to reporting and analytics, we can help alleviate the entire administrative burden, so that you can focus on your strategy.

Show employees their true value

The RewardHub enables you to increase visibility and drive a significant return on your investment.

With a single view of their individual Total Reward, employees know instantly and in real-time how much the organisation truly values them.

One platform to manage all benefits

Control your entire benefits programme from one platform.

Discounts and cashback

The RewardHub can manage everything for you in one place.


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How to create a compelling business case

It's no secret that employee benefits provide a great ROI, but persuading decision-makers to invest isn't always easy. This useful guide covers everything you need to create the business case for an online employee benefits platform.

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Enable decision-making with data and insight

The RewardHub gives you in-depth insights at the touch of a button. You can see how your scheme is performing, any time, anywhere.

Questions that previously took hours or days to answer are now responded to instantly. Detailed analytics enable you to be in control, making the right decisions every day.

Drive engagement everywhere

The RewardHub can produce tailored, branded communications relevant to your employees so that your benefits can have maximum impact.

We work with you to create your own benefits brand to be familiar and compelling to your employees.

Whatever your benefit strategy, The RewardHub can deliver it

Organisations are using The RewardHub to deliver on their employee benefit promises. Whatever strategy you dream up, our platform can execute it, removing administration, putting you in control, ensuring compliance, and delivering an increased return on your investment.

Fully integrated with your existing HR technology

There's no need to go through the hassle of replacing all of your existing (and probably expensive) HR software. The RewardHub's flexibility means that it can integrate with your current software, allowing you to seamlessly move between systems, making your daily tasks easier.


Book a demo to see the true power of The RewardHub and how it can add value to your business.

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Book a demo

Let us show you the true power of The RewardHub and how an online benefits platform can add value to your business.

  • Reduced administration
  • Increased engagement, retention and motivation
  • Improved employee value proposition
  • National Insurance efficiencies
  • Increased perception and value of reward package

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