Protection, health and wellbeing administration

An extension of your HR team

Our dedicated protection, health and wellbeing team works as an extension of your HR team. As well as answering enquiries directly from your employees.



Our protection, health and wellbeing services are designed to take the burdens and risks away from your HR team.



Ensuring levels of benefit continue to be suitable

We provide a full market test on the existing structure at each expiry of the benefit guarantee period in place or more often when required. We will also discuss design options that may be considered to control cost, improve benefits offered or ensure that levels of benefit continue to be suitable.

Helping your business with a wide range of employee benefits

Protection benefits

  • Group income protection (GIP)
  • Group life assurance (GLA)
  • Group Dependants Pension
  • Group critical illness (GCI)
  • Flexible and voluntary benefits
  • Excepted group life policies

Healthcare benefits

  • Private medical insurance (PMI)
  • Health screening
  • Dental insurance
  • Optical insurance
  • Health cash plans

Wellbeing benefits

  • Employee assistance programmes (EAP)
  • Absence management
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Employee discount sites
  • Mental health first aid
  • Financial wellbeing tools

"One point of contact"

"By having a dedicated protection, health and wellbeing team you will only ever have to deal with one dedicated point of contact. This saves you time and resource so you don't have to manage numerous insurer relationships."

Hayley Bartlett
Customer Services Manager - Protection, Health and Wellbeing

Removing the administration burden from your HR team

Our comprehensive protection, health and wellbeing administration services are designed to take away the administrative burdens and risks away from your HR team.

  • Upload of new members
  • Auditing your scheme data
  • Resolving client queries and enquiries
  • Ensuring policy documents are received, enabling clients to review and agree correctness
  • Validating inception, mid-year and termination accounts with agreed terms and membership
  • Calculating salary equivalent(s) of Free Cover Limit annually at renewal
  • Assessing annual renewal data for members over the Free Cover Limit or discretionary entrants and cross referencing against previously underwritten members
  • Providing employer with list of all members annually who require underwriting and a description of the actions necessary