Pension scheme governance should focus on the fundamentals of the scheme; charges, investment funds and effective administration, but should also place an equal priority on ensuring members are getting good outcomes from their decisions; contributions, investment and retirement.



Through evolving governance we’ll make sure your approach delivers the best results for your people.



Helping your members make good decisions

"Good communications and governance both aim to achieve the same thing: better outcomes for members. We are committed to helping your members make the right decisions."

Tania Parmar

Providing a pathway for your employees

"For those that wish to make their own investment without having to research hundreds of funds, our governed fund lists can provide a pathway for your people to make their own choices outside the default fund."

Improving the effectiveness of your pension scheme

A full analysis of member behavior focusing on their contribution, retirement and investment choices, identifying areas where communication and education might lead to better member outcomes.

Ongoing performance monitoring

Robust benchmarking of costs via periodic formal market reviews and ongoing market commentary.


Regular provider updates and assessment of their performance in administering the plan and delivering agreed services to the company and members.


A full analysis of member behaviour focusing on their contribution, retirement and investment choices.


Fast-paced, reliable and strong

“We have a good working relationship with Johnson Fleming and are happy with the excellent services provided. The speed of their response is excellent.”

Debbie Goodson
Benefits Manager
The Economist Group