Achieving a good outcome depends on communication driving actions - we all need a gentle reminder at times. We have developed Nudges which enable you to provide crucial reminders to your people and pension scheme members, on an individual level, at the right time.

Nudges are typically sent out via email but can also be printed and delivered to your employees homes.

Helping your employees take responsibility

We can create a framework for employees to take responsibility for their decisions, but for most people a reminder to act at the right time is essential to them doing this.

Importantly, helping your members make sure they are able to retire with the level of pension they need can, in turn, help you manage succession planning in your business. The removal of the default retirement age makes this more important than ever.

When do Nudges get issued?

Using our custom-built pensions administration system, inform+equip, and by drawing data from your HR, payroll and pension administration systems, we work with you to identify key moments in each person’s working lifecycle and scheme membership. When a key moment is met we send out a communication to the individual nudging them to take action.

Employee pension Nudges issued at lifecycle events

Communications tailored to your people

Nudges are a call to take relevant action and make key decisions at the exact time it is needed, and the results and our experience show they work.

Prompting your people to get engaged

They are designed to make people think about a specific area of their pension planning and prompts them towards an easy way to take action. Each is focused on one of the three areas where members have important decisions to make and which will directly affect their retirement outcomes:

  • Contribution levels
  • Investment
  • Retirement choices.
Communications tailored to employees

Employee investment

Investing in your employees

The methods you use to communicate your employee benefits are an investment – as an organisation you’re investing in your employees.

Segmenting employee groups

A segemented approach

Ensures the message is relevant and understood, we segment your workforce, communicating directly to specific groups is a powerful tool.

Improved employee recruitment

Return on investment

With increased employee benefit take-up your business will achieve better ROI through improved recruitment, retention and tax and National Insurance savings.

Employee engagement results


Improved core benefits can result in a scheme that’s constantly evolving and places you ahead of your competitors.

Find out more about our Nudge communications

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