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The client

F5 is an American company that specialises in application services and application delivery networking. F5 technologies focus on the delivery, security, performance, and availability of web applications, including the availability of computing, storage, and network resources.

  • Global technology company
  • Headquartered in the US
  • 85 locations in 43 countries
  • 350 UK employees

The Challenge

With the introduction of a new employee benefits platform on the horizon, F5 were looking for

“a fresh approach to get their people re-engaged with their UK employee benefits.”

The current selection of benefits had been in place for a long time and engagement over the years had started to decline. With the new benefits platform scheduled for launch, the challenge of getting people re-engaged and educated about the benefits on offer to them was an exciting one.

F5’s core objective was to re-invent the look and feel of their benefits through a new benefits brand, whilst showcasing the true value of the benefit through a careful blend of education and engagement techniques.

The project

After a holistic review and some minor adjustments to the great range of benefits on offer to F5 employees, we met with key stakeholders to get an in-depth understanding of the culture and people within F5. This gave us a great starting point in which to build our engagement strategy.

3 months prior to the launch of the benefits platform and the opening of the election window, we set about building a strategy with an emphasis on education; helping people understand the benefits on offer to them so they could make informed decisions when their election window opened.

employee benefits engagement

1 new employee benefits brand

Launching a new benefits brand created an excitement around the benefits and the perfect framework to start our educational strategy.

29 educational videos

To make the employee experience a personal one, we provided access to a series of short educational videos for each benefit. Each video varied in circumstance and demographics, so the user could choose the video that aligned best to their circumstances.

Over an 8-week period, we set about promoting 2 benefits per week, using plain English and concise messaging to drive engagement with the videos and supporting bite sized information.

Interactive employee benefits webinars

4 interactive webinars and follow-up sessions

As the new benefits platform neared its launch, we then introduced a series of educational webinars and follow up one-to-one sessions to answer more in-depth and circumstantial questions.

Johnson Fleming were the perfect the partner to help us deliver our vision and achieve our goals, and getting over 87% of our people engaging with the new platform exceeded our expectations.

F5, EMEA Compensation and Benefits Manager

The results

The 4 factors of employee benefits engagement success

In our latest guide we share the 4 factors that are crucial for employee benefits engagement success and how data can help you pinpoint moments in your people’s working lives where they most need your support.

The 4 factors of employee benefits engagement success

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