Helping you with re-enrolment webinar

When: Tue, 26 Sept 10:00am - 10:25am

Where: Online

Helping you with re-enrolment webinar

You must ensure that eligible employees who are not in your auto-enrolment pension scheme are put back into it, this can be a sizeable task.

Consultant Tasha Fry will be hosting the seminar and answering questions from those entering the secondary market, covering key topics such as:

  1. When, Why, Who and How: a look at the re-enrolment process
  2. Upcoming increases to auto-enrolment contributions: are you prepared?
  3. How Johnson Fleming can assist you
  4. The need to comply: what happens if you don't

Book your place:

Sales end at 6:00pm on the 25th Sept

For help registering please contact Luke Phelan on 01527 571 300 or email him on