Improving the employee experience with communications

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The benefits you offer need to be relevant and appealing – this is where we can help. Take a positive approach; one that goes further than simply providing mandatory communications and engage your workers with your company benefits.

If your employees don’t understand what is available to them then, naturally, engagement and value will be low. It is crucial to help your employees achieve the outcomes they desire now and in later life.

Communicate your employee benefits

Different people respond in different ways, depending on how their benefits are communicated; through the use of new technology, and more established methods, Johnson Fleming’s experienced team can really bring your benefits to life.

We tailor your communications and the language used to your business and, more importantly, your employees. We can even build a benefits brand for you using the expertise of our in-house communications and design team.


By increasing the number of employee benefits communications channels you offer, the better chance you have for engagement and good member outcomes

Employee benefits communication take up statistics graph


Let us help you to find the right balance between your benefits; choice, quality, short and long term benefits, financial and personal wellbeing to get the right package for your people and to meet your business needs.

We can develop a solution that your employees really want and will use. Our strategic approach means we work with you to find out everything about your organisation and your employees.

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