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A platform to drive engagement

We live in a world where the most valuable thing you own is your own attention.

So, when you are sending out your important company updates or telling people about the upcoming Christmas party, how do you do this in the most effective manner? How do you ensure your message is getting through?

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To flex or not to flex with your benefits

If your business goal is to let your people pick and choose their own range of benefits online, then you’re thinking about flexible benefits.

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Pension scheme governance: reviewing your communication strategy

Despite auto-enrolment, one of the biggest challenges for pension sponsors is getting people engaged with saving for their futures. Many members have low levels of engagement with, and understanding of, pensions.

As an employer you should be regularly checking to make sure your communications are making an impression on your members and prompting them to act.

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Employee benefits communication: why there shouldn't be a 'place' in your workplace

With flexible working hours, diverse geographical locations and an increase in working from home, the workplace isn’t really a ‘place’ anymore. It’s wherever you or your employees want it to be. Making sure every single person in your organisation feels included in your employee...

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