Top tips to becoming a
Communications Champion

Most businesses operate in highly competitive industries where potential candidates have multiple choices to make; employers who offer the right range of benefits will usually have a wider selection of candidates to choose from.

Having a great range of employee benefits is a good start, but the reality is, if your employees don’t know about the employee benefits available to them, engagement levels and therefore value, will be low and you’ll be paying for something that isn’t delivering the return it could be.

Read our top 3 tips to become a communications champion and help your business get better at communicating its benefits.


Employee communications tips: get started

Tip 1.

Engage and educate your employees about the employee benefits available to them

£2.7 billion! This is the annual cost UK businesses are suffering for failing to tell staff about the employee benefits on offer; incurred through increased staff turnover and sickness absence*

If your business falls into the same trap of not engaging employees with the benefits you offer, it could result in your employees leaving for a job with better benefits – which could be the same benefits you already offer, they just didn't know about them!

Having a high quality employee benefit engagement programme enables you to increase visibility and drive significant return on the investment you are making.

*Research from Cass Business School. 

Employee communication: tip 2

Tip 2.

Use multiple channels to engage your people

One size rarely fits all and your employees, like your organisation, are unique. To ensure you reach all of your employees with a relevant message, we recommend that you vary and segment your communications channels.

Having the ability to segment your workforce and communicate directly to these specific groups is a powerful tool.

Here's how we use segmentation to talk about pensions:

Employee communication tip: segment your workforce
Employee communications tip 3

Tip 3.

Let your employees know the value of their benefits

If you were to add up the total value of the additional benefits you provide - your employees may be surprised.

We've highlighted a selection of employee benefits; if you were to total the entire package you offer – a breakdown of basic pay, variable rewards and benefits, your employees may realise just how much you value them.

Employee benefits and absenteeism cost

Advertising your benefits and their value can help bolster your recruitment strategy.

*Figures based on earnings of £30,000 a year

Employee benefits communication advantages

The advantages of a well communicated benefits package:

The three tips we've highlighted form part of a wider strategy to drive engagement with your employee benefits.

Simply put, every business could be doing more to engage employees with the benefits available to them.

By maximising engagement with your employee benefits, your employees are more likely to:

  • Share your company values
  • Feel loyal to the business
  • Be proud to tell others who they work for
  • Take less time off
  • Make extra effort and be more productive

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